Using Planet Earth

On Wednesday 23rd November Dolphin School hosted its second Earth Studies lecture "Using Planet Earth". Thank you to our keynote speaker Professor Chris Rhodes of Transition Town Reading, our panelists from our Dolphin Community Barbara Andrea, Evelyn Dietsche and Charles Jones with Joanna Bodimeade from Friends of the Earth. We also extend a thank you to our audience comprising of Dolphin pupils, parents, staff and alumni and to our guests from Newlands Girls' School and our local community.


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For those of you who were unable to attend, the lecture highlighted that although oil will not run out, it will be increasingly difficult and dangerous to obtain and therefore we need to look at other resources, whilst also considering what we can do as individuals on a local level to reduce our carbon footprint.


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At Dolphin we are keen to hear from you if you are already involved in local initiatives and/or if you are interested in joining a school committee to look at what we can do from a local perspective. Please get in touch with Mrs Lewis at for more information.

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