Senior Management Team

Accordion Adam Hurst, Headmaster

BA English Language and Literature (University of Reading)

Accordion Christopher Leakey, Deputy Head (Pastoral Care), Computer Studies Coordinator

BA (Hons) French and German (Oxford Brookes); PGCE (London South Bank)

Subjects taught: Computer Studies, French, German, Sport (Cricket, Rugby and Football Coach)


I love Dolphin because:  “It's different. It doesn't pretend or have airs, it does what it sets out to do and the children grow into affable, easy-going young men and women, ready to conquer the world!”

Interesting fact:  “I have been charged by a gorilla in Rwanda, fought off a baboon with a lunch box lid in Kenya and I enjoy playing cricket for Littlewick Green.”

Accordion Dr Alison Alderson, Head of Lower School, Year Two Teacher

BSc (Hons) Botany (Durham); PGCE (Reading); PhD Molecular Biology (Durham)

Subjects taught: Early Years specialist, Science, Mathematics

I love Dolphin because:  “Dolphin takes you outside your comfort zone. Never as a PhD scientist would I have imagined directing a musical play or leading a walking trip!”

Interesting Fact:  “I have a PhD in protein purification and DNA sequencing.”

Accordion Emma Fisher, Head of Upper School, Director of Sport

BA (QTS) (Hons) in Physical Education (University of Chichester)

Subject taught: Physical Education

I love Dolphin because:  “I like being part of a team who promote positive learning which is vibrant and engaging for children and adults alike.”

Interesting Fact:  “I have motor biked from the bottom to the top of Vietnam and climbed Kilimanjaro!”

Accordion Siân Moore, Head of Middle School, Head of Modern Foreign Languages

BA (Hons) French Studies with Italian (Sussex); PGCE French (Birmingham);
PG Dip. School Management (University of Reading)


Subjects taught: French, Spanish, Classics

I love Dolphin because:  “I have the freedom to teach.”

Interesting Fact:  “I have slept in a glass igloo in Lapland and gazed at the stars.” 

Accordion Jane Robinson, Head of Early Years

BSc (Hons) Business Studies (Bath); PGCE (Reading)

I love Dolphin because:  “It gave all 3 of my children an amazing start both academically and creatively, enabling them to go onto excellent secondary schools and top universities.”

Interesting Fact:  “I have recently welcomed a wonderful golden cocker spaniel called Brody, having not been a dog lover for most of my life!”

Accordion Kim Tsang, Bursar

BA (Hons) Accounting, Finance and Economics (Essex)


I love Dolphin because:  “Every day is different and there is never a dull moment!”

Interesting fact:  “I can drive a tractor!” 

Administrative Staff

Accordion Lizzy Broad, Receptionist

Level 3 NVQ in Playwork

I love Dolphin because:  “At Dolphin children have a voice and their voice is heard. Dolphin gave my 2 children wonderful opportunities and my eldest is now a Head Teacher at a local primary school.” 

Interesting Fact:  “I have done 17 Boulogne trips with Dolphin.”

Accordion Lisa Grandin, Admin Assistant/ Receptionist, Catering Supervisor

NVQ level 3 Business Administration, Italian level 2 (B&W College)


I love Dolphin because:  “It gives the children confidence and independence.”


Interesting Fact:  “I am a longbow archer.”

Accordion Amy Hewett, Finance Assistant and PA to Bursar

AAT Level 4


I love Dolphin because:  “Although I have only been here a short time I already feel welcomed into this unique community.”

Interesting Fact:  "I lived in Canada for 6 years where I took a course in Outdoor Recreation and Ecotourism."

Accordion Tracey Marsh, Admin Assistant / Receptionist

BTEC HND Business and Finance, City and Guilds Certificate in Fashion

I love Dolphin because:  “Dolphin is very inclusive, encouraging every child to take part whether on the stage or on the sports field.”

Interesting Fact:  “I did a meet and greet with Harold Macmillan on his ninetieth birthday and talked about how he liked the freedom of using public transport, rather than being driven everywhere.” 

Accordion Diane Rebbeck, Office Manager and Admissions


I love Dolphin because:  “I’ve only been here for a short time – already I am feeling at home and everyone has been so welcoming, staff, parents and children.  It is pretty scenic as well!


Interesting Fact:  “I am a bit of a Yoga guru and love a good dance!


Accordion Kate Spooner, Head's PA


I Iove Dolphin because:  “It's such a warm and welcoming place to work, even Sri the school cat is pleased to see you!  Also .... I have an amazing view from my office!”


Interesting Fact:  “I used to be a PA within the worlds of Formula 1 and the World Rally Championship." 


Upper & Middle School Staff

Accordion Alice Baker, Science Teacher

BSc (Hons) Biology (University of Durham)
PGCE (University of Reading)


Accordion Christopher de Souza, Head of Classics

BA (Hons) Music (Bristol)

Subjects taught: Classics, Latin

I love Dolphin because:  “There is something palpable about the atmosphere here. The children’s confidence is what really got me and I adore being able to teach Latin which is one of my passions.”

Interesting Fact:  “I am a composer, conductor, musical director, opera producer and broadcaster. I have presented programmes on     Radio 3, Radio 4 and the World Service.”

Accordion Paul Foster, Head of Mathematics

BSc (Hons) Mathematics (Exeter); PGCE (Reading)

Subject taught: Mathematics

I love Dolphin because:  “The children are always enthusiastic and inquisitive and it is great to see those tiny sparks of interest turn in to huge flames.”

Interesting Fact:  “Inspired by the children playing in concerts, I have recently returned to playing woodwind after a gap of nearly 40 years!  My new instrument of choice is the oboe.”

Accordion Lewis Franklin, PE and Games Teacher

BSc (Hons) Sports Strength and Conditioning (University of Gloucester) 


Accordion David Holt, Head of Co-curricular, Head of Science

BSc Biochemistry (Kings College, London); GTP (Reading)

Subject taught: Science

I love Dolphin because:  “I love seeing the first spark of our budding scientists and seeing them develop their passion.”

Interesting Fact:  “I have talked to gorillas in Uganda.”

Accordion Jane Hunt, PE Teacher

BA (Hons) Geography and PE (Birmingham); PGCE (Loughborough)

Subject taught: Physical Education

I love Dolphin because:  “The sheer variety of learning that happens! The children are fortunate to have so many different subjects to enjoy and experience, combined with wonderful trips and visits to bring their topics to life.”

Interesting Fact:  “Dolphin has given me many learning experiences too including; sketching, climbing mountains, orienteering, teaching Morris dances and much more.”

Accordion Jo Hurst, Head of English

BA (Hons) English Literature (University of Cambridge)


Subject Taught: English



BA (Hons) English Literature (University of Cambridge)​


Subject taught: English


I love Dolphin because: 


Interesting Fact:  



BA (Hons) English Literature (University of Cambridge)​


Subject taught: English


I love Dolphin because: 


Interesting Fact:  

Accordion Sophie Pindoria, French Teacher
Accordion Anne Light, Director of Music

PGCE Music with QTS (Reading); BMUS (Performance) (London College of Music)

Subject taught: Music

I love Dolphin because:  “I love how the children are not afraid to try new ideas and always put 100% effort into every song or musical activity.”

Interesting Fact:  “I have learnt to play 8 different instruments in my life; piano, violin, saxophone, clarinet, flute, guitar, harp and recorder.”

Accordion Catherine Richards, Head of Art and Design

BA (QTS) (Hons) PE and Geography (Warwick)

Subject taught: Art and Design

I love Dolphin because:  “The children are inquisitive and have a love of learning. It is like no other school and if I could bottle the secret I would!”

Interesting Fact:  “I have achieved a Grade 6 clarinet and Grade 5 piano.”

Accordion Judy Seall, Head of Drama

BA (Hons) English & Drama (London); MA Children's Literature (Reading); PGCE in English (Oxford)


Subject taught: Drama

I love Dolphin because: “Quite simply it is the best school in the world and I have taught in schools in many different countries. I love it here!”


Interesting Fact:  “I was once offered a part on a TV soap called 'Fiebre' (Fever) whilst I was living in Colombia.”

Accordion Alice Spelman, Head of Geography

BA Geography (King's College), QTS, PGCE (University of Bristol)


I love Dolphin because: “The children are independent thinkers and very creative!


Interesting Fact:  “I am on a mission to take as many videos of waterfalls as possible!

Accordion Emma Tate, English Teacher

MA Arts in English Literature and Sociology (Glasgow); PGCE (Roehampton)

I love Dolphin because:  “It feels like home. After seeing the positive impact Dolphin had on my son, as a teacher I wanted to work here to contribute to the beacon of positivity that the school represents.”

Interesting Fact:  “I once worked for 3 months on a Northern Australian Banana Farm – I became a dab hand with a scythe, lived in a caravan and spent all day trudging around a tropical banana plantation, usually soaking wet.”

Accordion Adam Warner, Head of History, Head of Boys' Games; Walking Trips Coordinator

BA (Hons) History (Cardiff); PGCE History and PE (Cheltenham and Gloucester)

Subjects taught: History, Physical Education (Rugby, Cricket, Football Coach)

I love Dolphin because:  “I love the unique trips that Dolphin offers and especially the chance to introduce pupils to Britain's wild mountain areas!”

Interesting Fact:  “I have taught History and P.E. in Kenya, Malawi and Chile."

Lower School Staff

Accordion Ruth Jones, Year 3 Teacher, Maths Teacher

BA Primary Education with QTS; MA Management in Education (Reading); MRes in Education (Reading)

I love Dolphin because:  “Children can be themselves and they develop a genuine love of learning.”

Interesting Fact:  “I love being in the outdoors – walking, climbing, skiing and snowboarding.”

Accordion Sue Martin, Year 1 Teacher

BSc (Hons) Electronic Engineering (Southampton); EYPS; C Eng Corporate Member of the Institute of Engineering & Technology (MIEE)

I love Dolphin because:“The school allows teachers to follow the passions of the children by giving teachers the freedom to teach and the children the freedom to learn.”

Interesting Fact:“I am a Chartered Electrical Engineer who designed and built high speed data acquisition systems for an oil company."  



Accordion Helen Waneis, Year 2 Teacher

MA Hons Modern Languages, QTS

I love Dolphin because:  

Interesting Fact:  “I have learnt Russian and have travelled extensively in and worked throughout the Former Soviet Union.”

Accordion Antonia Webster, Year 1 Teacher

BA (Hons) History of Art; PGCE (University of Southampton)



I love Dolphin because:  “It is unique and the individuality of its pupils is nurted and celebrated.”

Interesting Fact:  “I lived in the Netherlands between the ages of 6 and 18.”

Early Years Foundation Stage

Accordion Hannah Spiers, Deputy Head of Early Years


BA (Hons) Primary Education Early Years (University of West of England, Bristol)



Accordion Jacquie Champion, Reception Teacher, Music Teacher

BA (Hons) Music, Bath; PGCE (Exeter)

Subjects taught: English, Music

I love Dolphin because:  “It gives me freedom to teach in my own way.”

Interesting Fact:  “Dolphin has taken me to the stage of the Royal Albert Hall.”

Accordion Christine Jackson, Early Years Teacher

NCFE Level 3 Diploma for The Children and Young People's Workforce (Early Learning and Childcare)

Accordion Susan Mandalos, Nursery Teacher

BSc (Hons) Mathematics (Manchester); EYPS; Montessori Diploma

I love Dolphin because:  “I enjoy helping children to understand and be inspired by the world around them, in a nurturing and exciting environment.”

Interesting Fact:  “Teaching runs in my family – one son and three nieces are also teachers.”

Accordion Davinder Shergill, Reception Teacher

BA (Hons) Business Studies (Wolverhampton); Diploma Level 3 in Children's & Young People's workforce; NVQ Level 2 in Child care

I love Dolphin because:  “I love the relaxed vibe of the school and how the school respects everyone’s individuality.”

Interesting Fact:  “I used to organise parties for Prince Charles.”

Teaching Assistants

Accordion Federica Francescangeli, Teaching Assistant

Accordion Naomi Griffiths, Forest Schools Coordinator, Teaching Assistant

Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Early Learning and Childcare

I love Dolphin because:  “I love the exciting hands-on, cross-curricular learning opportunity Dolphin offers its children.”

Interesting Fact:  “I am a keen traveller and take my son backpacking all over the world. We enjoy exploring the different types of flora and fauna and have delighted in staying in various tribal villages.”

Accordion Sabine Greenfield, Teaching and After School Care Assistant

Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools


I love Dolphin because:  The atmosphere throughout the school is warm and welcoming and I love seeing the children arrive full of enthusiasm and eagerness to get on with learning. The varied and interesting trips the pupils can go on is amazing, and really helps them become confident and independent. 


Interesting Fact:  When I was 18, I went to Greece on a bus with £25 in my pocket and stayed for 6 years.

Accordion Dianne Harris, Teaching Assistant

I love Dolphin because:  “It’s a warm, happy environment that allows children to be individuals. To see the pleasure the children get from learning is a wonderful thing.”

Interesting Fact:  “I am a keen, amateur photographer. My favourite subjects to photograph are my two beautiful granddaughters; I love capturing all their growing moments.”

Accordion Kirsty Harrison, Librarian, Teaching Assistant

I love Dolphin because:  “It is a wonderfully colourful and interactive place to work. The energy and enthusiasm of the children should be captured in one of Roald Dahl's BFG 'Dream Jars'! ”

Interesting Fact:  “I grew up in Zimbabwe and wanted to be a game ranger when I was young!”

Accordion Jade Jeffries, Teaching and After School Care Assistant


SEN Tutors

Accordion Gail Sponder, SEN Tutor, Head of Learning Support


Accordion Ann Brigden, SEN Tutor

BSc (Econ); Post Graduate Diploma in Sec Education; MA Special Needs/Inclusive Education; AMBDA; OCR Diploma in SpLD (Dyslexia)


Accordion Janet Lawson, SEN Tutor

BSc (Hons) Food Science (Reading); PGCE (Reading), MA in Gifted and Talented (The University of Worcester)

I love Dolphin because:  “The love of learning is almost palpable, especially on cross-curricular days when a variety of ages get to tackle a topic together.”

Interesting Fact:  “I once managed to construct a life-size prow of a boat in the school hall.”

Accordion Hazel Williams, SEN Tutor



I love Dolphin because:  “It encourages all the children to recognise and develop their individual strengths and to improve their skills in a challenging and multisensory learning environment.”

Interesting Fact:  “I taught literacy groups of Maori children in New Zealand.”

Peripatetic Teaching Staff


Accordion Elin Davis

Bachelor (Hons) of Music (Cardiff University


Singing Teacher

Accordion Gabriela Eddy

MA Music (Silesian University)


Instruments taught: clarinet, saxophone, piano

Accordion Lucy Head

Performers Diploma on French Horn (LTCL); Fellowship (FTCL)


Instrument taught: brass

Accordion Patrick Johnson

Certificate of Higher Education in Popular Music Practice


Instrument taught: Electric Guitar

Accordion Jonathan Large

The Certificate of Teaching (Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music)


Instrument taught: Violin

Accordion Samantha Moore

Teaching Diploma (Royal College of Music)


Instrument taught: Flute

Accordion Adam Perry

Instrument taught: Drums

Accordion Lisa Pipkin

Bachelor of Music (Hons) (Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama)


Instruments taught: Saxophone and  Clarinet


Accordion Sarah Feast

Level 2 Netball Coach (AENA)

Accordion Libby Putney

Dance, BA English with Film and Television Studies, IDTA Teacher of Dancing

I love Dolphin because:  “Teachers really care about their pupils and the children are happy and confident. It is such a vibrant setting and a joyful place to work.”

Interesting Fact:  “I have danced on stage at the World Music Awards at Earl’s Court in London in 2006 with Michael Jackson and Chris Brown in the Thriller dance.”

Accordion Martin Small

Judo, Black Belt 2nd Dan and Senior Club Coach

I love Dolphin because:  “I have great memories as a boy being brought along to Dolphin during my school holidays with my Dad for extra training – fun times!”

Interesting Fact:  “I was number 1 in the country for judo for years, fighting all around the world and winning many European tournaments. I enjoy writing children's picture books and soon I hope people will be able to buy my first book!” 


Accordion Yu Xu, Mandarin Teacher

Diploma in Business Administration


Subject taught: Mandarin


Accordion Paul Ducker, Custodian

Accordion Ross Parker, Custodian

I love Dolphin because:  “There is always a friendly face to talk to.”

Interesting Fact:  “I am a massive motocycle racing enthusiast.”

Accordion Philip Rose, Custodian

I love Dolphin because:  “I love putting my handyman skills to the test by building the sets for the school productions.”

Interesting Fact:  “I am the club captain of my local bowls club.”

Accordion Alexander Saunders, Custodian

I love Dolphin because:  “The staff, parents and children are so friendly.”

Interesting Fact:  “I am a qualified diver and kayaker.”


Accordion Claire Brown, Catering Assistant


Accordion Dominika Dawlud, Catering Assistant


Accordion Natalie Groucott, Catering Assistant

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