Good children's literature appeals not only to the child in the adult, but to the adult in the child.


Welcome to Dolphin School Library.


This small but busy space is packed with a refreshing selection of fiction - from the latest publications to old favourites and the classics.  Picture books, graphic novels, poetry and non-fiction are also widely displayed to catch the eye of the curious… and you will oft times find children of all ages, reading aloud or to each other from their favourite picture books, books of facts or poetry.  Shri (the cat) is always happy, to lend an ear to a good read and a comfy lap! 


We encourage our readers to be bold and adventurous in their choice of reading, discovering different genres and styles and recommending good reads to friends and fellow pupils… many parents could benefit from reading children’s literature as Katherine Rundell happily points out in her new little book - ‘Why You Should Read Children’s Books, Even Though You Are So Old and Wise’.


The Library is open during school hours when the children can change their books at break times and during class library times.   Each child from Year 2 up, has their own library membership number which allows them to take 2 books out at a time for up to two weeks - after which, the books can be renewed as often as they like or returned to find another. This helps to empower our young readers giving them control and choice early on. 


We guide the young readers but ultimately, the choice of reading material is theirs.. all children are expected to have a library book on them in school at all times. (E.Readers are by agreement of an appropriate Staff Member.)  Reading for pleasure is key throughout all the year groups.  


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Kirsty HarrisonLibrarian 

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Library Events : 2019

Our biggest and most exciting Library event during the year is our annual Book Fest! We get to entice some exciting authors, illustrators and storytellers to do talks and workshops and every year it is completely brilliant an different.



This year we had the very talented Anna Kemp presenting her funny and flamboyant picture books (‘The Worst Princess’ and ‘Dogs Don’t Do Ballet’ - illustrations by Sara Ogilvie).  And Anna also did an interesting workshop for older readers.   Judy Seall, our very wonderful drama teacher, read (in her best Irish accent), Siobhan Dowd’s beautiful and sensitively- written book ‘The Pavee and the Buffer Girl’ while at the same time the amazing illustrator, Emma Shoard, had us spell-bound as she brought the story alive with her drawings..   Taking this to even higher levels, Jamie Thorogood, accompanied them both with the haunting little ballad, Mountains of Mourne’.  


On popular demand we persuaded Sam Gayton to return and run a theatre workshop for our Year

6s and Paul Jackson, StoryTeller Extraordinaire, once again had packed audiences with his intriguing storytelling and unusual musical instruments. As always, Norfolk Children’s Book Centre (NCBC) didn’t disappoint with their extensive and very comprehensive mobile bookshop as always.   The marvellous FunRaisers not only helped to raise funds for the Book Fest, but also supplied us with drinks and delicious eats from the Book Café – after all, all these exciting book activities are apt to make one very hungry!


Other notable events during the year are closely tied in with our English Department - namely World Book Day, (this year the children got to dress up and describe well-known stories from the Antagonist’s point of view!’), attending Henley Festival, theatre trips, poetry festivals, supporting reading of class activities, Blind Date with a Book and ‘What’s the Teacher Reading?’


Reading should not be presented to children as a chore, or a duty. It should be offered as a gift!

Kate DiCamillo

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